Aluminum base PCBs

Aluminum base PCBs are an alternative to standard circuit boards due to a large amount of heat has to be dissipated.

Aluminum base PCBs are used for heavy mechanical stress and vibration.

The base material can be both standard fiberglass FR-4, as well as a special one-sided aluminum-based laminate IMS-11H.

The aluminum thickness is 1.5 mm.

Depending on the application, we offer solder resists in the following colors:
white, red, black, blue.

The advantages of aluminum base PCBs compared to standard PCBs:

  • heat dissipation without the use of additional radiators;
  • Increase the mechanical strength of the product.
  • Increased integration of high-performance equipment with high working temperature;
  • Space saving in the final product as the circuit board is configured differently.
  • Excellent EMC and shielding specifications;
  • Improved device reliability and longer downtime.


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+49 (0)1523 6155757